• Franco Pepe, considered the “World’s Best Pizza Chef” by The Best Chef Awards, from Pepe in Grani pizzeria in Caiazzo, Italy, visited Razza in Jersey City to share some of his most famous pizzas for one night only, including the Margherita Sbagliata, Scarpetta and Ritrovata.


  • At these two dinner services offered on September 12th, attendees had the unique opportunity of meeting both Franco Pepe and Dan Richer as they prepared their iconic pizzas and shared their passion for pizza with guests.


  • Franco Pepe, famous for his appearance in an episode of the Netflix series “Chef’s Table: Pizza,” and owner of the acclaimed Pepe in Grani restaurant in Caiazzo, Italy, revolutionized the pizza scene in New Jersey.


  • Dan Richer, who has been named by the New York Times as the creator of the best pizza in New York, was thrilled to host Pepe as this event brought together two culinary visionaries for an unforgettable evening of pizza perfection.


New Jersey, September 13th, 2023. New Jersey had the privilege of experiencing a culinary spectacle like no other as the world-renowned pizzaiolo, Franco Pepe, graced Dan Richer’s Razza Pizzeria for an exclusive one-night-only event.

Franco Pepe, celebrated as the “world’s best Pizza Chef” two consecutive years (2021 and 2022) by The Best Chef Awards, collaborated with Razza, Dan Richer’s pizzeria that had previously received three stars from The New York Times, creating a pizza experience that was truly unforgettable.

Franco Pepe, famous for his appearance in an episode of the Netflix series “Chef’s Table: Pizza” and owner of the acclaimed Pepe in Grani restaurant in Caiazzo, Italy, took the pizza scene in New Jersey by storm. Pizza aficionados and food enthusiasts were invited to savor the magic of Franco Pepe and Dan Richer’s artisanal pizza creations for one night only, including the famous Margherita Sbagliata, Scarpetta and Ritrovata.

This collaboration was a unique fusion of culinary talents, where Franco Pepe’s expertise in crafting exceptional own-style pizzas met Razza’s commitment to using locally sourced, high-quality ingredients and their dedication to the art of pizza-making. Guests enjoyed a menu featuring a curated selection of handcrafted pizzas that blended the tradition and innovation of Italy with the creativity of New Jersey.


Given Franco Pepe’s stellar reputation and Razza’s status as a culinary gem, tickets were sold out quickly. The event was a gastronomic journey that transcended borders, offering an unforgettable experience for food lovers and pizza connoisseurs alike. It was an opportunity to witness the culinary genius of Franco Pepe and Razza’s exceptional craftsmanship in a single night of culinary excellence.





About Franco Pepe

Franco Pepe is considered the most famous Italian pizzaiolo in the world. The dough is in his DNA. His grandfather was a baker, his father was a pizzaiolo, and he and his brothers continued in the family business. Famous for his unique dough, and for his dedication to elevating the art of pizza making, his popularity began with an article by Jonathan Gold, a Pulitzer Prize-winning gastronome who wrote in the American edition of Food & Wine magazine, “I’ve probably had the best pizza in the world from Franco Pepe.” From then on, he became the most-voted pizzaiolo in Phaidon’s “Where to Eat Pizza” guide, in which chefs indicate their favorite places to eat in the world.

Franco Pepe stars in one of the episodes of the Netflix series Chef’s Table: Pizza and has been named Ambassador of the Mediterranean Diet in the World, Ambassador of Caiazzo in the World, Ambassador of Taste and Ambassador of Territory. He has also been recognized as Pizzaiolo of the Year by “Food and Travel”, “Pizza Awards Italia”, The Best Chef Awards 2021 and 2022, and Master of the Art and Craft of Pizza by the “Scuola Internazionale di Cucina italiana ALMA”, among others.


About Pepe in Grani

Pepe in Grani, a pizzeria located in Caiazzo, a small town of 5000 inhabitants a few kilometers from the province of Caserta, is the place where Franco Pepe welcomes 400 customers and prepares 800 pizzas per day. Pepe in Grani’s project is based on the research and selection of the raw material and the human factor, where he experiments and integrates among other themes and modalities: the frying technique, the electric oven, the structure of the equipment, and the scientific contribution. His pizza is based on innovation but starts from tradition. He enhances the dough with a special mix of flours produced especially for him, a key part of his elaboration. He is very meticulous in the selection of local ingredients. His goal is to share with the world, through his pizza, the flavors, and stories of his territory.


About  Dan Richer

Dan Richer has dedicated his career to discovering the secrets of transcendent pizza. The one at his restaurant, Razza, is not only among the best you can eat in the United States, but in the world.  Born and raised in Matawan, New Jersey, Dan has always had a passion for food. He graduated from Rutgers University, where he skipped his graduation ceremony and flew to Italy. There he found food and cooking incredibly different from anything he had experienced in the United States.

Back home, he began cooking and learning about Italian cooking techniques and ingredients. He initially started a catering company and then began working in professional kitchens. In 2007, Dan bought a small pizzeria in Maplewood, New Jersey, and transformed it into Razza, a fun and lively neighborhood restaurant praised for its fresh ingredients and handcrafted pizza. In recognition of his cooking, Dan Richer was a James Beard Foundation Rising Star Chef semifinalist in 2011. In 2017, Razza received a 3-star review from the New York Times. He is also the author of the NY Times bestseller The Joy of Pizza, in which he shares everything he has learned about this seemingly simple preparation with extraordinary possibilities.



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