• Yesterday, November 15, the seventh edition of In Residence kicked off, the event launched annually by the gastronomic consultancy firm Mateo&co with which renowned international chefs transfer their experience to Madrid for several weeks.
  • As a novelty, this year pop-up launches In Residence Sessions, a version in which editions will be shorter and that will bring more chefs throughout the year.
  • The first In Residence Session by Royal Bliss that opened last tonight in dinner service, brings to Madrid the gastronomic proposal of chefs Jakob Zeller and Ethel Hoon, chefs at the legendary restaurant Fäviken (Sweden) until its closing and the restaurant Klösterle (Austria).
  • With an inaugural dinner last night, and a closing lunch on 19 November, and lunch and dinner service between the 16th of November, and Saturday 18, the chefs will offer a single menu based on the cuisine they develop in the Zug Valley, in the Austrian Arlberg.
  • The gastronomic proposal of the couple is based on the environment around them, the Austrian Alps, and what they offer, always working with regional producers who share their philosophy of sustainability and respect for nature, and a well-stocked larder of the year.
  • “Our philosophy begins by identifying what the territory offers, and working with it. We have brought with us some ingredients from the Austrian Alps that represents very well our proposal, which we will combine with what we have found here in Spain” shared this morning the chefs at the press conference prior to the start of the pop-up, excited to bring their proposal to Madrid for the first time
  • The pop-up is located for the first time in the space Semilla Food Studio, in the street José Ortega and Gasset 67 of Madrid.
  • Only 8 services will be offered for 16 people each, with shared table. The cost of the menu is 140 € with pairing.


Madrid, November 16th 2023. After six editions, the annual In Residence event returns this year with a novelty: In Residence Sessions, a version in which the editions will be shorter and that will bring more chefs throughout the year. In addition, for the first time, all pop-up sessions will take place in the Semilla Food Studio space in Madrid.

Last night, Wednesday 15 November, began the first In Residence Session by chefs Jakob Zeller and Ethel Hoon, chefs of the restaurant Faviken, in Sweden, until 2019. They have both moved their proposal to Madrid on the occasion of the pop-up, which opened last night, November 15 in dinner service, and will run until Sunday 19, with lunch and dinner service on 16, 17 and 18. They will offer a single menu that will be served at a shared table.

At the press conference held this morning, on the occasion of the start of Jakob & Ethel In Residence by Royal Bliss, the chefs said “Coming to Madrid is accepting a new challenge, leaving our environment to adapt to what we can find here”. For the first time, their proposal will be available in our country.

Both chefs began their careers at different ends of the world, but ended up meeting in Sweden as chefs until the closure of the legendary restaurant Fäviken.

In December 2019, the couple of chefs landed in Austria, in Klösterle. With the spectacular mountainous walls of the Zug Valley as a backdrop, Klösterle is one of the only remaining 16th-century Walserhaus in the Vorarlberg area. This wooden house provides the perfect setting for Jakob and Ethel to offer an intimate experience that draws the surrounding landscape on the plate. Their proposal is based on regional ingredients from producers who share their philosophy of quality with sustainability and respect for nature, a well-stocked larder of the year and their collective creative experiences.

The cost is 140€ with pairing included.

Jakob & Ethel In Residence by Royal Bliss

Everything you need to know


15 to 19 November

Opening hours

Dinner sevice on 15 November

Lunch and dinner service on 16, 17 and 18 November

Lunch service on Sunday 19 November


Semilla Food Studio

Calle José Ortega y Gasset, 67



140€ (pairing included)




#InResidencebyRoyalBliss brings the best chefs to Madrid once again

#InResidencebyRoyalBliss once again turns Madrid into a meeting point for lovers of haute cuisine. Jakob, Ethel and their team will be installed this time in Semilla Food Studio, in Madrid, joining the last six editions of the project:

2022 – #BoragóInResidence, Most Sustainable Restaurant in the World in 2021, Most Sustainable Restaurant in Latin America in 2018, nº 4 in Latin America in 2018 and nº 29 in the World in 2023 for The World s 50 Best Restaurants.

2019 – #HisaFrankoInResidence, 2 Michelin stars, Best female chef in the world in 2017 by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants and number 21 on this year’s absolute list.

2018 – #MirazurInResidence, with 3 Michelin stars, by chef Mauro Colagreco, which currently ranks first as the best restaurant in the world according to The World’s 50 Best.

2018 (Feb-March) – #CasaMarcialInResidence, with Spanish chef 2 stars Michelin Nacho Manzano.

2017 – #ColombiaInResidence, with the top 4 Colombian chefs on the list

50 Best Latin America 2017.

2016 – #AlineaMadrid, with 3 Michelin stars, by American chef Grant Achatz.


About Jakob Zeller and Ethel Hoon

Both chefs began their careers at different ends of the world, but eventually met in Sweden while working at the Fäviken restaurant. Originally from the Alpine region of South Tyrol, Jakob has worked in kitchens in Barcelona, Southern France and Italy. Ethel, originally from the tropical island of Singapore, has spent time in kitchens in her home country, Paris and Tokyo.

Using regional ingredients from producers who share their philosophy of quality, sustainability and respect for nature, and with a well-stocked larder of preserves of the year and their collective creative experiences, Jakob and Ethel offer in the Zug valley an experience inspired by what the Austrian Alps offer.


About Royal Bliss

Royal Bliss is the most versatile and complete range of mixers on the market. Created by Spanish bartenders, it seeks to satisfy current consumer trends, and offers nine varieties of flavors, rich in nuances, and 100% natural aromas, which makes it together with its fine bubble, the perfect choice to combine with other drinks.

With its new design, modern and bold, breaks with the conventional, with bright colors and a fresh image, make this range of premium mixers, is a benchmark, and is therefore, which is chosen by more than 90,000 customers in Spain. With all this, Royal Bliss will not leave anyone indifferent, you can enjoy the most sophisticated experiences in your day to day, and break with the conventional.


About Makro

Makro has more than five decades of presence in Spain, more than 50 years in which

the company has evolved from the cash & carry format to become the leader in wholesale distribution to hospitality in the country. In this time and thanks to your firm

commitment to offering the sector a service of the highest quality, Makro has facilitated the growth of bars and restaurants and has helped position our gastronomy as one of the most recognized worldwide.

The company has a wide range of 42,000 food products and no food specially designed for the hospitality sector. Highlights categories of fresh products: meats of more than a hundred breeds, fish that we select every day in the markets of the country or fruits and vegetables for all needs, from the most common to the most exotic. To these, a careful selection of wines, professional equipment and, in short, all those

products that need a catering business.

In addition, with the aim of making everyday bars and restaurants easier, Makro has developed a multi-channel business model that allows it to respond efficiently to the needs of its customers and ensure that hoteliers can relate to the company when and how it best fits your routine. Customers can choose to buy at Makro through one of its three channels: e-commerce, Hospitality Distribution Service and cash & carry, composed of 37 physical stores.

As part of its commitment to gastronomy, Makro collaborates with In Residence as an official supplier, thus showing your willingness to be always alongside industry professionals.


About Kitchen Consult

Kitchen Consult has been in charge of equipping and advising hospitality and food professionals since 2008. It is a team of professionals who enjoy designing custom kitchens so that hoteliers have a partner that makes easy the entire process, accompanying customers throughout the process, always looking for the best solution and adapting to their needs, either the replacement or acquisition of a loose machine or a comprehensive project. The advice of Kitchen Consult goes from the beginning, with the distribution of spaces and recommendation of equipment to the plans of installations and commissioning. They have set up the kitchens of renowned restaurants such as Coque** by Mario Sandoval, Saddle*, Alabaster, Chef Ivan Dominguez’s swim or Umiko among others. They are the official suppliers of the Masterchef program and the kitchens of Alinea In Residence, the pop up chef Grantz Achatz with 3 Michelin stars and Mirazur In Residence chef Mauro Colagreco, number 3 in the list The World’s 50 Best Restaurants in his restaurant Mirazur de Menton, on the Côte d’Azur and 3 Michelin stars. They also develop high-end projects for private homes and complements for the sector.



RIEDEL is one of the most important glassware manufacturers in the world. Tradition and innovation are the hallmarks of its success in its more than two centuries of history. From its origins in northern Bohemia in 1756 to the present day, it has turned glass work into a balanced combination of art and science in pursuit of the highest standards of quality. Throughout eleven generations, Riedel has been characterized by excellence in the manufacture of glasses dedicated to the pleasure of obtaining the greatest enjoyment in the tasting of good wine.


About ACME

When you think of a beautiful table, with creativity, joy, modernity and at the same time tradition you are surely talking about ACME… ACME is this, a reality in the form of dishes for all chefs who appreciate the quality with which we develop, seek and work hand in hand in each project as if it were Unique.


About OONI

Everyone deserves a good pizza, so Ooni designs, manufactures and sells AMAZING pizza ovens. So INCREDIBLE that adjectives in lowercase letters do not do them justice. Really good pizza needs high heat, so all Ooni live fire pizza ovens raise its temperature to 500 °C/950 °F and cook an amazing pizza in just 60 seconds.

Ooni was founded by Kristian Tapaninaho and Darina Garland.  Kristian really enjoyed making pizzas, but was frustrated: “my pizzas are good, but they are not great”. The pizzas that Kristian was able to make at home lacked that restaurant flavor that is achieved at very high heat. He wasn’t an inventor, an engineer or a product designer, but he knew he had a great idea. After a series of sketches, many prototypes and continuous testing in her backyard, Kristian created the world’s first portable wood oven. Ooni was born.

Since its launch, Ooni has become an award-winning company. Headquartered in Scotland, Ooni also has subsidiaries in the United States and continental Europe, as well as a network of reliable and respected global distributors. Innovation is critical for Ooni and that’s why it has released stunning new pizza oven models – including Ooni Fyra 12, Ooni Pro 16, Ooni Koda 12, Ooni Karu 12 and Ooni Koda 16 -, as well as wood pellets. Its ovens run on wood, coal and gas, so there is an Ooni for everyone.

With brilliant products, an innovative proposition, outstanding customer service, a first-class team and an enthusiastic global community, Ooni is excited for the future. Peace and pizza for the people.


About La Marzocco

Named after the symbol of Florence, Italy-the sitting lion-La Marzocco has been a leader in espresso machine innovations and design since 1927. For more than 90 years, each espresso machine La Marzocco has been assembled by hand in Florence, and today the machines of La Marzocco can be found in the best cafes, restaurants and kitchens around the world.

Beyond the commercial machines for hospitality and restoration, in the spring of 2015, the company presented the Mini Line, a machine specially designed to bring the consumption of good coffee to the comfort of the home. The machine, with its small size, has the same design and performance as a commercial machine. The high demand and increasingly educated taste of consumers, have led the company to continue expanding the product range of La Marzocco Home introducing in 2022 the Micra Line, a 30% smaller machine and the Pico grinder.


About Mateo&co

Founded in 2000, Mateo&co is an agency specialized in strategic marketing and communication that develops brand and communication strategies for some of the best known companies in the world of gastronomy, food and beverages. As a promoter of new chefs and premium gastronomic projects, it has established itself as the first strategic branding, marketing and gastronomic communication consultancy in Spain.

Working with chefs, their personal brand development, their internationalization, their restaurant businesses or their concepts. Working with restaurants, from the concept to the branding, the optimization of their resources, their client portfolio or their public relations or working with big brands that want to position themselves within gastronomy and explore this territory.

Mateo&co creates brands for food, from branding to packaging or channel activation. And represents and organizes major national and international gastronomic events collaborating with prestigious brands such as Michelin Spain, Institute of Masters of Wine, The World’s 50 Best Restaurant or International Wine Challenge.

Among his own projects are MadrEAT, the first streetfood market in Spain, and the #InResidence project.

Since October 2020, Mateo&Co has been part of Vocento, the leading communication group in Spain, which also includes Vocento Gastronomía, which brings together the main food-related events companies in Spain (GSR) and some of the most recognized brands in the gastronomic conferences/events scene (Madrid Fusión, San Sebastián Gastronomika, among others).






Micaela Muro-Lara – micaelam@mateoandco.es Tf: 644 121 645

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