For the first time, the complete list of international chefs who will bring their

proposal to Madrid in the upcoming months


Ivan Orkin sets off this season in the month of March, with his ramen, brought all the way from New York, followed by Michelin-starred restaurant Kasama, located in Chicago, in the month of April; and Osip, with chef Merlin Labron-Johnson, in May. Osip also holds both a Michelin star and Green star in the UK

In the second half of the year, In Residence will bring the chefs at Contra NY, in September, trattoria Santo Palato from Rome (October) and Kadeau (2*Michelin and Green star) from Copenhagen in November.

  • The eighth edition of In Residence sets off, the annual event of gastronomic consultancy firm Mateo&Co, in its format In Residence Sessions, releasing its official annual programme for the first time.
  • The first meeting will be with Ivan Orkin, from March 13th to March 17th 2024.
  • Pop-ups will take place at Semilla Food Studio, in José Ortega y Gasset 67 street, in Madrid.
  • Reservations can be made through the website:


Madrid, February 26th 2024.  After seven editions, the annual In Residence event returns this year within the line of In Residence Sessions, a more casual version in which the editions will be shorter and with a longer schedule covering the entire 2024, and that is already available.

All sessions will take place at Semilla Food Studio, located in José Ortega y Gasset 67, in Madrid. This space was inaugurated with last year’s pop ups, in the first In Residence Sessions’ edition that brought chefs Jakob Zeller and Ethel Hoon, head chefs at legendary restaurant Faviken in Sweeden up until its closing.

Chefs from the US and Europe will be the protagonists of the upcoming months’ calendar for the In Residence Sessions, that bring to Madrid Michelin-starred proposals from other corners of the globe, such as Osip (Sommerset, UK), Kasama (Chicago) or Kadeau (Copenhagen, Denmark); together with the world’s most renowned ramen proposal, that of chef Ivan Orkin, featured in a Chef’s Table episode on Netflix; trattoria Santo Palato in Rome, considered one of the best in the world; and the cuisine of the chefs at Contra and Wildair in New York City, who revolutionized the Lower East Side with their proposal ten years ago.

Ivan Orkin will be the one inaugurating this season with his ramen proposal, which will be available from March 13th to March 17th, with a menu that makes the journey through his best-known ramens as well as other dishes in his menu.

The other menus will become available in the upcoming weeks, but most dates are already confirmed, and the calendar will be as follows:


In Residence Sessions 2024



Ivan Ramen, NY

March 13th-17th

Chef Ivan Orkin


Kasama, Chicago

April 10th-14th

Chefs Genie Wong and Tim Flores


Osip, Sommerset, UK

May 8th-12th

Chef Merlin Labron-Johnson


Contra, NY

September TBC

Chefs Jeremiah Stone and Fabián Von Hauske


Santo Palato, Rome

October 16th-20th

Chef Sarah Ciccolini


Kadeau, Copenhagen

November TBC

Chefs Nicolai Nørregaard and Kyumin Hahn


Times, prices and reservations

All the different prices and number of services are available on the website


Semilla Food Studio

Calle José Ortega y Gasset, 67

Madrid, Spain




The restaurant and chefs that will take part in the In Residence Sessions 2024

Ivan Ramen, chef Ivan Orkin, NY, USA

Ivan Ramen has become the world’s best-known ramen shop, run by a chef who is not Japanese.

A place of pilgrimage for lovers of this dish, which Netflix was able to seize in 2017, making of him and his personal and professional story, the protagonists of a Chef’s Table episode.

Ivan’s journey began with a dishwashing job at a sushi bar at the age of 15. He discovered a culture and a cuisine that would shape the rest of his life. Upon graduation at high school, Ivan decided to major in Japanese language and literature at the University of Colorado, Boulder. After graduating, he immediately moved to Japan to teach English and he quickly cemented his love of everything Japanese.

He returned to the US in 1990, and enrolled in the Culinary Institute of America, and made his way to Mesa Grill, Lutece and Restaurant Associates. Ivan returned to Tokyo, and, listening to his wife’s suggestion, he opened a ramen shop. Against all predictions, it quickly became one of the best ramen spots in the city, something completely unexpected for a foreigner like him, in a country in which ramen enjoys a cult-like status.

In 2012, Ivan traveled back to New York, maintaining both his restaurants Ivan Ramen and Ivan Ramen Plus in Japan, to open in the Lower East Side what his now his only venture, which continues to enjoy critical acclaim.

In February 2017, Ivan was featured in Netflix’s series CHEF’S TABLE, instantly taking his project to an international dimension, and making of him an absolute reference for chefs from all over the world. He has published several books, such as ‘Ivan Ramen’ or ‘The Gaijin Cookbook: Japanese Recipes from a Chef, Father, Eater, and Lifelong Outsider’.

Ivan is widely recognised as the American authority on ramen and all things Japanese. He speaks fluent Japanese, has a deep understand of the culture, and his ability to effortlessly crossover from American to Japanese cultures has given hima distinct advantage.


Kasama, Genie Kwon and Timothy Flores, Chicago, USA

Genie Kwon and Timothy Flowers are the chefs and owners of the Kasama Filipino restaurant, bakery by day and restaurant by night, with a modern approach in the East Ukraine Village neighborhood of Chicago.

The project started with the aim of making Filipino food accessible to all people who had never tried it.

The restaurant opened in July 2020 with the initial concept of cafeteria. Later, they began to offer a tasting menu at dinner that led them to achieve great recognition within the gastronomic world.

In 2021 the Michelin Guide included them in its Bib Gourmand list in 2021.

In 2022 it received its first star, becoming the first Filipino restaurant in the world with this award.

Kasama has also been praised in other media such as the Chicago Tribune, by Louise Chu, who described the restaurant as “one of the best in the world”, and by Esquire, which rated them as one of the best new restaurants in the United States in 2021.


Osip, Merlín Labron-Johnson, Somerset, UK

Raised in Devon, England, Merlin worked in Michelin-starred restaurants around the world before becoming sous-chef at Kobe Desramaults at the legendary ‘In de Wulf’ restaurant in rural Belgium. While Merlin was there, In de Wulf was voted “Best Restaurant in Europe” by OAD and appeared on numerous “Best Restaurants in the World” lists.

In 2014, Merlin returned to the UK to launch the critically successful ‘Portland’ restaurant, earning him a Michelin star, barely 9 months after opening, at the age of 24.

A year later, he launched ‘Clipstone’, a neighborhood restaurant in Fitzrovia, which won the title of “restaurant of the year” at the GQ awards, as well as numerous 5-star reviews from critics such as AA Gill, Tom Parker Bowles and Jay Rayner.

He is currently the owner and chef at Osip, a small 22-seater restaurant in Bruton, Somerset. Merlin is a precursor of the movement that has led many chefs who have worked in haute cuisine and have achieved Michelin stars, to return to the countryside and their origins.

Osip focuses mainly on vegetables that the chef has grown on a nearby farm, as well as on wild herbs and local hunting. No menu is offered, but the kitchen prepares a sequence of dishes for each guest depending on what comes from the farm that morning. In January 2021, Osip received a Michelin star, after only 8 months of activity.

Merlin now resides in rural Somerset, where he divides his time between his Michelin-starred restaurant ‘Osip’, his wine bar and bistro ‘The Old Pharmacy’ and the two plots of land where he grows his own fruits and vegetables.


Contra, Fabián von Hauske and Jeremiah Stone, NY, USA

Fabian von Hauske and Jeremiah Stone created Contra ten years ago in New York, quickly turning it into a pilgrimage point for foodies looking for a new style in cooking, and quickly receiving a Michelin star.

Since 2013, Contra, located on the Lower East Side, became a benchmark for a new trend. One of the most successful restaurants in the NY, constantly praised by the critics, with comments by names such as Ryan Sutton (Eater), which highlighted both its French-American cuisine in tasting menu format, as his proposal to take away Taiwanese food.

Its founders, Fabian von Hauske-Valtierra and Jeremiah Stone, have also opened other concepts that have pursued success in the same way: Wildair on the Lower East Side, Day June Luncheonette and the grocery store Paracasa, in the north of New York State.


Santo Palato, Sarah Ciccolini, Rome, Italy

Sarah Cicolini is the chef and owner of the restaurant Santo Palato, a new Italian bistro in Rome. The chef has previously worked in other prominent restaurants in the city, including Metamorfosi, Roy Cáceres’ Michelin-starred restaurant in the neighborhood of Parioli, where she met her current sous chef, Mattia Bazzurri, Roman and expert in yeasts.

She opened Santo Palato 7 years ago and has positioned it as one of the trendy new restaurants to visit in the Italian city.

The New York Times made a review of the restaurant quickly after its opening and described ita s”the authentic modern trattoria”. Santo Palato is based on the selection of raw material and zero waste. It recovers and updates traditional recipes from central Italy.

Its cuisine is expressive, focused on the origins of the chef and on the radical quality of the products: among the suppliers are farmers who value forgotten cuts.


Kadeau, chefs Nicolai Nørregaard and Kyumin Hahn, Copenhagen, Denmark

With 2 Michelin stars and a green star for sustainability, this project is a benchmark for new Nordic cuisine. Nicolai Nørregaard, cook, and his business partner Rasmus Kofoed began their adventure in Bornholm, a paradisiacal Baltic island from which they come from.

A kitchen that opens into the living room and the essence of Nordic cuisine on the table, is what Nicolai Nørregaard next to Kyumin Hahn display at Kadeau. A project that has two headquarters: the island of Bornholm during the summer months and the city of Copenhagen during the winter.

The restaurant was inaugurated in 2007 and since the beginning its founders plated an unusual evolution of the New Nordic Cuisine with a point of radicalization offering exclusively the products they obtained from the island.

Since 2011 they have a restaurant in the Danish capital for the cold months, continuing with its gastronomic universe, whose roots are nourished by the wild nature, represented naked on the plate with all its rawness thus preserving its identity, but without diregarding to the surprise effect derived from the juxtaposition of ingredients jealously chosen and treated with clairvoyance. “Kadeau has the ability to immerse nature in a photographic amplifier,” says journalist Joakim Grundahl.

Kadeau is, today, is one of the cardinal restaurants of Europe.


In Residence

Once again, #InResidence turns Madrid into a meeting point for lovers of haute cuisine. International chefs will be based at Semilla Food Studio, adding up to the last seven editions of the project:

  • 2023 – #JakobandEthelInResidence, head chefs at Fäviken (Sweeden) until its closing and restaurant Klösterle (Austria).
  • 2022 – #BoragóInResidence, Most Sustainable Restaurant in the World in 2021, Most Sustainable Restaurant in Latin America in 2018, nº 4 in Latin America in 2018 and nº 29 in the World in 2023 for The World s 50 Best Restaurants.
  • 2019 – #HisaFrankoInResidence, 2 Michelin stars, Best female chef in the world in 2017 by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants and number 21 on this year’s absolute list.
  • 2018 – #MirazurInResidence, with 3 Michelin stars, by chef Mauro Colagreco, which currently ranks first as the best restaurant in the world according to The World’s 50 Best.
  • 2018 (Feb-March) – #CasaMarcialInResidence, with Spanish chef 2 stars Michelin Nacho Manzano.
  • 2017 – #ColombiaInResidence, with the top 4 Colombian chefs on the list 50 Best Latin America 2017.
  • 2016 – #AlineaMadrid, with 3 Michelin stars, by American chef Grant Achatz.


Organized by Mateo&co

Founded in 2000, Mateo&co is an agency specialized in strategic marketing and communication that develops brand and communication strategies for some of the best-known companies in the world of gastronomy, food, and beverages. As a promoter of new chefs and premium gastronomic projects, it has established itself as the first strategic branding, marketing, and gastronomic communication consultancy in Spain.

Working with chefs, their personal brand development, their internationalization, their restaurant businesses, or their concepts. Working with restaurants, from the concept to the branding, the optimization of their resources, their client portfolio or their public relations or working with big brands that want to position themselves within gastronomy and explore this territory.

Mateo&co creates brands for food, from branding to packaging or channel activation. And represents and organizes major national and international gastronomic events collaborating with prestigious brands such as Michelin Spain, Institute of Masters of Wine, The World’s 50 Best Restaurant or International Wine Challenge.

Among his own projects are MadrEAT, the first streetfood market in Spain, and the #InResidence project.

Since October 2020, Mateo&Co has been part of Vocento, the leading communication group in Spain, which also includes Vocento Gastronomía, which brings together the main food-related events companies in Spain (GSR) and some of the most recognized brands in the gastronomic conferences/events scene (Madrid Fusión, San Sebastián Gastronomika, among others).




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